Saturday, 29 September 2007

Food Blog Round-Up

I want to join in on more food blogging events; the few I've done I've really enjoyed, and found got me motivated to do things I had long intended to do by just kept forgetting about. This 'keep forgetting' thing is a recurring theme, though, since I also keep forgetting to actually join in on even more events. I have at least joined the Daring Bakers (which still has me very excited) and succeeded in baking my little heart out for them; blog post about that is imminent. Since I've missed the boat on these other challenges, I'll simply post about some of the entries I wish I had made/eaten.

  • Running with Tweezers hosted a Super Soup Challenge. I'm a soup sucker, especially now that the weather is turning cold again. There were many tempting soups, but my favorite sounding entry was Red Wine and Garlic Lentil Soup over at What Kim Ate - very cold-weather friendly.
  • Ivonne at Cream Puffs in Venice hosted the last Sugar High Fridays, with the central ingredient being figs. I love my figs however they come, and there were a huge number of figgy things to tempt me. The cake that most made me taste fig and feel sugary goo on my fingers was a Fig Preserve Cake made by Lis at La Mis Cucina.
  • I've just missed the deadline for the latest Hay Hay It's Donna Day event, held by the Trini Gourmet (ok, the deadline is today. But I ain't gonna make it). The theme is tarts, and I've seen some lovely ones cropping up around the place. The one that has most caught my eye is this Chocolate Ganache Tart with little polka-dots of white chocolate from Linda Kovacevic. It's so pretty, though, I'd feel bad eating it. Maybe.

Enjoy your weekends!

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Kimeros said...

I'm glad you liked the sound of the garlic, red wine and lentil soup. It's very yummy. :-)