Sunday, 23 September 2007

Prestat Chocolate

I have recently discovered Prestat chocolates. Granted, this isn't a discovery on par with Scott of the Antarctic, but my taste buds are thanking the explorer in me for being tempted by the ornate packaging of Prestat and giving a chance to the chocolate beneath.

It helps that Prestat is sold at Liberty; in other stores, it looked like another expensive chocolate but when housed within Liberty, it shimmered and shined and called out 'Buy me, eat me' (because, you see, whatever is sold within Liberty, I covet). Dark chocolate is my preference, and both the thin dark chocolate wafers (hand-made, and physics-defyingly thin) and the dark chocolate with orange bar were the kind of dark chocolate I most enjoy. Clean and rich with only slight bitterness, and pleasant, smooth after-taste. The milk chocolate I tried (again wafers, this time with ginger) was also rich tasting without leaving your mouth gummy or full of too-chocolatey sweetness.

The assorted chocolates are less to my taste, mainly since I haven't yet seen the virtue of violet or rose creams. Maybe it's something I'll acquire with age, but for now I like my assorted chocolates to have your populist caramels and nutty things.

These chocolates are an indulgence, for both my eyes and my taste buds. They aren't of the highest end of chocolatiers (your Paul.a.Young's of the world charge £50+ for tastings) nor are they your Cadbury's. Until their spell over me is broken, they're my chocolate of choice when I'm feeling just that little bit flush.


Anonymous said...

Oh stop it! They sell this in my local deli and I've been trying to avoid it for a couple of weeks now. Chocolate and ginger is such a great combination.

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this