Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Be A Thickie

I'm going through a smoothie faze (too many nice fruits, not enough time to chew), and had a look at Innocent Smoothies for inspiration. I had a different type of inspiration than expected, though, when I noticed that their Thickies are packaged in 100% biodegradable plastic-like bottles. I squeezed and prodded the bottle, which in every way felt an just like a 'real' plastic bottle. I wanted to take it home with me and watch it compost, just to prove to myself that it was indeed as virtuous as it seemed to be.
At home, I went to the Innocent website to read more, and they are certainly trying to practice and preach sustainable methods. They state that they aim to use "no virgin finite materials in any of our packaging." I mostly gather that this means they are trying to shy away from fresh plastics (not having come from recycled materials) since plastics rely on oil to be made. It's a great but difficult goal - not just difficult because the technology is expensive and still fairly 'new', but also because bio, non-plastic, packaging still has to have an origin, which in this case is corn. Corn needs to be grown, watered, tended, harvested and converted to packaging, all the while taking up land that could have grown edible food for humans or animals. Not a perfect answer to the sustainable-resources problem, but to my mind bio-packaging still beats plastic on question of degradability. No bottle at all is probably the best answer to the sustainability problem - I went home and made my own smoothie instead.

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