Friday, 15 June 2007

My Birthday and Why Are We Here?

For my birthday, I asked for only one present from my husband Tom: I wanted a leather journal in which I could write my food thoughts and experiences, and which I could take away on holiday since our holidays mostly center around quests for good food. I searched over a year for the right journal (nice leather, replaceable notebook, and it had to be lined) and finally found one from Aspinal of London that ticked all the boxes. During my birthday conversation with my brother, he admired the old-school nature of my leather journal, but pushed me in the direction of starting a blog. Not for me, I thought. I couldn't really see what I had to contribute that would make people want to read it. But I am an easy sell and throughout the evening, the notion grew until, by the next day, I was testing out blog names and reminding myself to photograph my meals at any opportunity.

So that is why we're here. I hope to talk about food I've eaten - at home, at restaurants, at friends houses - and pass along the recipe where possible. Any food-related topic is fair game, I think: new kitchen utensils (will I ever get that Kitchen Aid mixer?), how my vegetable garden is going, new books I have read. For whomever is reading, I hope you enjoy whatever journeys I happen to take you on.

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