Sunday, 8 July 2007

Garden Peas

I only started dabbling in growing my own vegetables last summer; previously, I had neither the inclination nor back garden to do so. I'm very much an urban gardener and always have been - meaning, I don't really know what I'm doing but I authoritatively make it up as I go along. I often mistake weeds for just-sprouting buds or fast-growing beanstalks, but I do just about manage to bring in things to eat for a few months of the year.The real super-star crop of last year and this has been a variety of mange tout that I don't know the name of, the seeds handed to me by my mother-in-law (in exchange for a cow no less. Just kidding.). They are an amazingly sweet, crisp, juicy, tasty, more-ish pea, and even more pleasingly, very resistant to slugs and snails, catepillars, and spells of mild neglect. This year's crop was a little less spectacular than last year's, due either to my over-ambitious planting of too many peas or to me planting them in the same spot as last year. I won't be churlish and complain too much since we still had several dinners worth of peas, but there won't be a second cropping since many of the stalks have died after just one batch. I've again saved peas for re-planting next year, and will try to find another spot for the crop since these peas deserve to have the best gotten out of them.

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I am very impressed!