Monday, 16 July 2007

My Apron

Thanks to Su-Lin at Tamarind and Thyme, I was reminded of the Show Us Your Apron event at Lucullian delights. I'm testing the deadline by blogging about it today, but I do love my apron so; it deserved a blog post at some point or other.

This is my first adult apron, bought on a whim last time I was home in New York. The pattern is an entirely bizarre animal print which was the first thing that made me think it was fab. Beyond that, the cut is an homage to the 1950's house wife, with the ruffled halter neck and cinched waist turning it more into a dress than a mere apron. As a friend observed, if she owned it it would be one of the sexiest dresses in her wardrobe. It makes me want to bake, and often, and to dab vanilla essence behind my ears when I'm in a frisky mood.

The effect isn't quite the same when Mr A&N wears it.


Su-Lin said...

So cute! Love the animal outlines and that adorable neckline!

Ilva said...

It was definitely worth the waiting! The model is really pretty and flattering! Thank you very much for this entry!

Pille said...

I love this 1950s look with frill!! Very girly and domestic-goddess-like :)

Belinda said...

How cute! I love the sassy cut, and the cute bunny rabbits and foxes and other whimsical and sweet. :-)

Annemarie said...

Hi Su-lin and Pille - Yes, I love the neckline too. I'm not doing it justice by wearing my pyjamas underneath it, but it's very feminine indeed.

Hi Ilva- Thanks - was happy to have an excuse to take a picture of it. :)

Hi Belinda - Yes, I think sassy and whimsical are two very good words for it. I only wish I had bought more to give them as gifts to people.

Baking Soda said...

I have to remember that one: "dab vanilla essence behind my ears"

Love the shape of yours (eh I mean the apron).