Thursday, 30 August 2007

The Famous 4 Meme

I have been tagged for this meme by Margaret from Kitchen Delights, who herself was tagged by Antonia from Food, Glorious Food. And on it goes...

4 Jobs I've held:

  1. It was only a summer internship, but I worked in the education department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was the best job ever, bar none, and I felt like a child who stumbled on a treasure being in the museum on the days it was closed to the public.
  2. Ice cream scooper at an ice cream chain. Worst job ever.
  3. Peripheral marketing and sales work at a big publishing company.
  4. My current job in e-learning, trying to get people to bring more interactivity to their online teaching.
4 Places I've lived
  1. Born in Queens, New York City (in the same hospital as both my parents. Sometimes big cities can be a small world).
  2. My college years in Williamstown, Massachusetts.
  3. A semester abroad in Florence, Italy, where I really learned to eat.
  4. For the past 7 years in London, and this is now firmly and definitely home.
4 Places I've holidayed
  1. I did a couple of road trips during spring break at University, and they were as great as they seemed they ought to be; one was a journey through the South with New Orleans being the main destination, and another was a 38-hour non-stop drive to Miami and the Florida Keys.
  2. A fantastic group holiday was to Italy a few years back. 2 weeks with good friends in rural Tuscany, eating wonderful food and being generally relaxed in gorgeous surrounds.
  3. We stopped off for one night in Iceland on the way to visit the family in New York one year, and it was like nothing I've seen before; it was downright lunar, and the blue lagoon was amazing. Eating puffin...not as much.
  4. Honeymoon was taken in Japan, with the intention of eating well for 2 1/2 weeks. I wasn't disappointed.
4 Favorite Foods
  1. Brownies. Preferably home made, but I'll settle for good bakery brownies as well.
  2. Cheese, mainly goats. Mmm, cheese.
  3. Miso ramen (see the comment above about the honeymoon in Japan). I'm obsessed with the stuff. There's a photo of one of my favorite bowls of it, hanging above my side of the bed.
  4. A nice Sunday roast, with friends and family. Roast meat can vary, though if turkey were socially accepted at times of the year other than Christmas (or Thanksgiving), I'd be battling for a roast turkey every week.
4 Places I'd Rather Be
  1. At any given time, tucked up in bed with a good book is a great option.
  2. In Japan, eating ramen or at our favorite conveyor belt sushi place.
  3. Somewhere deep in the heart of Italy, preferably with a rambling farm house at my disposal.
  4. On the other end of a tube journey, magically having completed the trip without any memory of being crammed under ground.
The 4 people I'll be tagging are:
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Joanna said...

Thank you for tagging me for this ... I've already done it, and this is where you'll find it:

I'm with you - a farmhouse deep in the Italian countryside ... dream on!


Su-Lin said...

Thanks for the tag. I've answered them here!

Margaret said...

Hi AnneMarie - thank you for taking part - I just knew you would have lots of interesting facts you could share with the foodblogging community.