Friday, 10 August 2007

Food Blog Round-Up

I'm still a few weeks away from my summer holiday, and I feel that I need positive holiday thoughts to see me through until then. Mr A&N and I are going to visit my family in New York, stopping in Sweden on the way (bet you didn't think Sweden was on the way to New York from London, did you?). We'll be in Stockholm for a couple of days, and are then renting a house by Sweden's largest lake, where we plan on swimming, fishing, berry picking, and doing a whole lotta nothing. And I am *really* looking forward to it.

So with these languid vacationing thoughts in mind, here's this week's round-up.

  • Wendy at A Wee Bit of Cooking has just returned from Sweden and Finland, and not only posts about the experiences, but has left restaurant recommendations for me in there. Both countries look wonderful, and her further post about chantarelle mushrooms can come in handy for the trip too. Thank you Wendy, and hope the start of the new term goes well.
  • Italy has been a frequent vacation spot for me, so the slightest whiff of something Italian elicits a bit of a knee-jerk holiday relaxation in me. Just the name of Cream Puffs in Venice's La Festa al Fresco (and event centered around using fresh, seasonal ingredients) has me hooked and wanting to join in the fun.
  • The Foodite is traveling in Spain, and during his stint in Barcelona his visits a place that sounds a dream to me: a store devoted to jamon iberico and different types of meats and cheese in general. The pictures are wonderful, and remind me that I haven't been to my favorite tapas place in a while.
Enjoy your weekends!

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