Tuesday, 7 August 2007

A New Kitchen

I consider myself lucky to have a house in London (even if it's not in a locale that tops people's list of 'desirable'), but however much I otherwise like our little house, the kitchen has always been a compromise. Checking in at 6 foot by 9 foot, it often feels like a large coffin rather than what is supposed to be my favorite room of the house. But that's all going to change.

Since we moved here, Mr A&N and I have been talking about doing a house/kitchen extension. After two years of talking and saving our pennies, we tonight signed a contract with the builders to get the thing done. This has left me very excited. So much so, I'll repeat myself - I'm VERY EXCITED.

It won't be a tremendously top of the line kitchen - we'll probably get it from Ikea since that's what we can afford - but I will get my dishwasher, full sized fridge, pull out pantry, and underfloor heating. Possibly enough counter top space to buy a mixer. And all that, to me, sounds like bliss.


Wendy said...

Very jealous of your new kitchen. I have to wait another year or so before I can rennovate my one!
Great blog you've got here! Nice to discover it.
Will post those Stockholm recommendations tomorrow, BTW.

umami said...

Cool! I can well understand your excitement and look forward to seeing the extended kitchen. Also, your existing kitchen is not so small, I've seen worse.

Nirmala said...

I think your kitchen is very cute and homey. I am excited to see pictures of your new kitchen. How exciting!

Annemarie said...

Hi Wendy - great to hear that you have a new kitchen on the horizon too. A year will give you the time to plan everything to the last detail. :)

Hi Umami and Nirmala - you're both right, the kitchen right now is cosy and uses the space really well, but it's not ideal when the two cooks of the family want to be doing things in there at the same time. A bigger kitchen = peace and harmony in the household!