Thursday, 30 August 2007

Update on My Favorite Burritos

People who know me know I love the Freebird burritos at Exmouth Market; they're easily the best I've found in London so far. It's heartening to hear, then, from the team behind Freebird, that they're expanding their business to other parts of the City. James has written in to Ambrosia and Nectar with updates, and I'm posting them below. Best of luck to Freebird, and if you happen to find yourself near one of their stalls, grab your burrito while you can.

Hi Its James from Freebird Burritos,

thanks so much for the kind words above

We now operate at the following location:

Exmouth Market
Monday - Thursday

Goodge Place
Monday - Friday

Sunday up Market (Just off Brick lane)

We are launching two more Monday - Friday markets over the next couple of weeks and will keep you updated.

We are a small burritos outfit trying to educate londoners one burrito at a time our chef is Carlos a Mexican guy who graduated from the same culinary institute of America (CIA) as steve ells the founder of chipotle.




Niamheen said...

Ooooh! Sounds great. I must investigate.

Anonymous said...

You are dead on here. I am a Californian transplant by way of New York and had one of their chicken burritos at the Thames Festival. WOW! What a relief to know there is some good Mexican food to be had.