Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Winner Winner, Spanish Dinner

I recently joined a website called WeLoveLocal, which is about gathering user comments and reviews for places/products/services in a given geographic area (they right now only operate in London). I whipped out a few reviews last week, naturally centering around food. Low and behold, I got an email from the kind people at WeLoveLocal telling me that one of my reviews had netted a £30 voucher for being their review of the week, tying in with that week's theme of al fresco dining.

It may not have been a £35.4 million win, but I felt fantastic, particularly because I didn't even know there was a competition. It took me literally seconds to decide where I would spend the voucher: Moro in Exmouth Market, my favorite Spanish-style restaurant in town and one of my favorite London restaurants in general. When the time comes, I will most certainly blog about it.

I have also been reminded of another similar site, called Trusted Places, which runs off user-written reviews. Trusted Places has begun doing video reviews in addition to written reviews, and has the added incentive that they stage food outings to markets around London. I have it on good authority that September's excursion will be to Broadway Market in Hackney, and I will most certainly be joining them.

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Dan said...

Enjoy Moro, it's an excellent choice!