Saturday, 25 August 2007

Food Blog Round-Up

I am a woman of passions (naturally) - if 'passion' is a nice way of saying 'obsession'. I have a passion for food, which I believe I have been demonstrating. I hold passionate opinions about things that matter to me, and I love to exhaustively search for things that my mind, some times, tells me I need to search for. I refer to these as my quests; my quest for a good potato masher, for instance, took a good 9 months when I was in my early twenties. When I moved continents, the masher came with me.

The food blogs that caught my attention this week had to do with people talking about things they've been searching for and things they've found that have brought them food-happiness. Both feelings I can empathize with, and I hold I my potato masher to salute them.

  • Tamarind and Thyme goes looking for good bibimbop, a great korean dishes with a brilliant name. With crispy rice and a warm yolky egg on top, it has wonderful, comforting flavors and textures to it. The story has a sad ending in that the bibimbop wasn't the end all and be all.
  • La Tartine Gourmand confesses to an obsession with a eight ball zucchini. More hapily than the last story, La Tartine finds the object of her desire, cooks with it, and shares the recipe.
  • Habeas Brulee, on the other hand, doesn't so much go looking for the summer squash, but lets the summer squash come to her.
  • Nordljus lets us in on the secret of one of the favorite garden spots she's found in London, which incorporates peace and quiet with some lovely food at the same time. As ever, the pictures are like something from a photo gallery.
Enjoy your weekends!

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